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100% of Treatment Center Revenue is on the Line. Who Answers Matters, More Than You Thought!

We offer a very unique Drug Treatment Call Center Service. When a National Treatment Provider with over 1,000 beds wanted Call Center Consulting, they turned to 800 Recovery Hub.

Our drug treatment call center service is based on decades of experience. The co-founders of 800 Recovery Hub have personally been taking live treatment calls and placing people in treatment for many years.  Each has over 25 years of continuous addiction recovery, a critical factor in their success.

800 Recovery Hub will take your calls and chats, run VOBs, submit clients for approval, and micromanage your clients to your doorstep.

Since 800 Recovery Hubs are experts in addiction marketing, we analyze every call, chat, and web visitor. Our expert data analysis can save you 50% or more of your marketing costs.

Advertising and marketing costs range from $1,000 to $10,000 a client. Your center can’t afford to miss calls, and you can only afford to staff the right people to answer some of your incoming calls. You’re missing opportunities. There is much more to taking treatment calls than taking treatment calls, so you need experts. Very few people can answer live treatment inquiries effectively. Agents don’t care about or understand the value of every call, chat, or click.

When 800 Recovery Hub answers your treatment center inquiries, we tirelessly analyze every bit of information from that inquiry. We compare details of the actual call, marketing source, and messages used to generate that call. We will report to you what is working and, more importantly, which methods need to be fixed.

Whether you are a 6-bed facility or the 600-pound gorilla in the treatment industry, 800 Recovery Hub can provide you with valuable call center services and or consulting.

Matching Clients to Your Treatment Program

Getting a qualified person to agree to go to treatment is only the first step. Getting them in the door is another. Whether it’s around the block or 2,000 miles away, so many things come up. With over 1,000 rescues between them, it’s hard to surprise them with a new story or a situation too complex to help. About 75 % of the people placed in treatment by Bruce and Victoria traveled by airplane to treatment, many without a valid ID.

Once the patient finishes treatment, there’s more to do. In other words, their job still needs to be done. The treatment center treats the patient, and Bruce and Victoria work with the family.

Treatment doesn’t work if the client leaves against medical advice (AMA).  Bruce and Victoria train the family to be prepared for their loved one’s desire to leave early.  Preparing the family with all the tools necessary to keep their loved one in treatment is crucial to taking treatment calls.

Treatment Center Intake Caller Closing Procedure

This system is what is needed to increase closing ratios. Addiction marketing is so competitive and expensive that if you are not following a plan like this, you lose 50% of your admissions or more.

What Drug Rehab Calls Are Worth:

Every time an admission staff member “admin” answers the phone, they have to think of three things immediately:

  1. This can be a life and death call; I have a person’s life in my hands.
  2. This call cost my company $1,000 to create and
  3. This could be $50,000 to $75,000 worth of revenue for my company. 

If you cannot trust your admin team with $150,000 or someone’s life, they shouldn’t be answering live incoming admission calls. This isn’t a job you can do part-time or when you’re preoccupied. This is a 24/7 job. This is not a process to be taken lightly.

With Addiction Marketing Calls, Time is of the Essence:

If a lead comes from the internet, you can be 100% sure they are or will be contacting many other competitors.

You will lose the opportunity if you are not 100% responsive at that exact moment. These calls, emails, and chats must be given top priority. You need to assure the potential patient that they shouldn’t take any other calls, because you have them covered.

VOB Verification of Benefits and Insurance knowledge:

You must be able to run an online VOB while the caller is on the line. This applies mainly to the first call and assumes they have their insurance card. An online VOB is about 80% accurate and gives enough information to ask the right questions. It will provide you with information like deductibles, out-of-pocket max, out-of-network benefits, and co-pay percentages.

Admin staff must understand the financial ramifications to engage the client and keep them from calling another center. If the admin understands the entire process and their financial wiggle room, they will retain the customer. During this time, the intake department calls the insurance company for a formal VOB.

When someone doesn’t have their insurance card handy, finding out where they got their insurance without insulting them is crucial. This line of questioning takes finesse. When you hear things like “I got my insurance from an employer, spouse’s employer, or parent,” right off the bat, you have a higher quality lead. The next thing to discover is the insurer’s name and whether the policy is a PPO or HMO.

Your Call Center Reps Need to Build Trust

Nothing builds trust like sharing a personal recovery story with the caller. Sharing things in common is a giant icebreaker. Most callers are calling for a loved one. They want to hear that you have put a significant other, child, or sibling into treatment, and it worked. It would help if you had a personal story for every situation. Now, if you have worked in recovery for a long time and can share a client’s similar success story, that is almost as good as a personal story.

Build trust and report.

Call Center Reps Need to Act like “A Dog With A Bone”

Drug Treatment is not a one-call close. It’s far from it. Getting a client into treatment, especially from out of state, typically takes 10-25 outgoing calls and 5 to 50 texts. It’s critical to engage with the client and their family constantly. Remember, 14,000 other treatment centers are clamoring for your client.

This is not a 9 to 5 job:

50% of clients will be lost if the Admin team is not immediately available day and night – seven days a week. Your Admin team must be available seven days a week to make and receive calls and texts. Whether it’s a potential client stalling, going on a run, getting sick, or changing their mind, you need to be ready. Other problems include codependent family members backing down, no ID for the plane flight, missing connecting flights or needing a letter from their lawyer. The list of things that go wrong goes on and on. 

Treatment Center Calls Center hours and work ethic:

Some inquiries come from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but most questions regarding treatment typically come in on the weekends and Monday through Friday between 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. You must be available 16 hours a day, seven days a week, to make and receive calls, texts, and chats.

Always on Call like a Surgeon:

Being a treatment admin is a lifestyle as crucial as being a brain surgeon. It is life and death in some cases. You can go without a call or text for hours or a day.  Then, all of a sudden, during dinner with your family, weekend activities with a date, driving down the road, or watching a sporting event, that call or text comes in, and your help is needed. This is not the exception to the rule – it is commonplace. Like a surgeon called into the hospital, the treatment admin and their families must be willing to stop what they are doing and respond “on call.”

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