Victoria Berman Profile

Victoria Berman

Google – Bing PPC Advertising

Conversion Rate Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

WordPress Management

Tag Management

Conversion Tracking

Google Adwords Certified

Google Analytics Certified

Google Certified Partner

Bing Adwords Certified Partner

Digital Analytics

High-level skills in Google’s suite of analytics tools like Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Data Studio.

Data storytelling, presenting insights and changing minds

Degree from CXL in the discipline of digital analytics

PPC Marketing

Keyword Research

Landing Page Testing and Development

Competitor Research

Customized Reporting

Split Testing


Historical Data and Benchmarking 

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion optimization is not mainstream. ve completed over 100 hours of coaching.

I learned how to take a website, and in a very systematic way identify all the places where it’s leaking money, figure out exactly why, create data-backed hypotheses, run tests for learning, and improve your results.

Customer Review

 Victoria manages our Google Adwords account. Before that, we were working with a very large firm. She created a new streamlined account and manages it obsessively. Our cost per click went down and our conversion rate increased. Most important our overall cost per intake has improved. She is always available to answer questions. Victoria is attentive and reaches out to us on a regular basis for feedback and to fine-tune our keywords to continue to improve our results. We would recommend her services.

Joe Milligan

Website and WordPress

I can enhance and maintain your WordPress website. More practically I can configure it for SEO, enhance your WordPress theme, and publish your images and graphics with the open-source WordPress content management system.

Content Marketing

Create a narrative around your related content that others want to share. I can use proved marketing strategies, to make your pages, photos, and videos more engaging and memorable.

Social Media

I know how to effectively advertise on social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest. I place ads and promote posts, with my understand of demographics and other targeting options. In other words I develop social media ad campaigns that work.