Privacy Policy

Our Website Privacy Policy covers 800 Recovery Hub, LLC., its subsidiaries, and any of its websites. If you have questions about this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use, you may contact 800 Recovery Hub LLC. By calling the phone number listed on this website.

Using this website constitutes agreement with the terms of this Privacy Policy. Our principal activity is the delivery of informational content and business listing information. The date we collect about site visitors includes:

  • Information you provide to us—As you use the website, you may be asked to provide information such as your user name, email address, name, or mailing address. We use this data for marketing purposes and to improve our site and or services.
  • Cookies for tracking information—In order to collect data about the way visitors use the site, we utilize cookies. Most browsers allow you to disable cookies through the Options or Preferences menu should you prefer not to allow 800 Recovery Hub LLC. to track that information. We may connect this data to information you have voluntarily provided to us.
  • Tracking log—Our servers and those of connected third party websites, blogs and social media may automatically collects information about visitors, including the type of browser they use, the IP address, and the date and time of access. This information does not contain personally-identifying data and is used to improve the site.
  • Using the site without divulging information—You can access our website’s home page and browse our site without disclosing your personal data. To access many of the services we offer, however, we do require that you provide at least a minimum amount of information.

Shared Information

You should be aware that any information you post on a bulletin board, forum, comment space, or “chat” room or that you otherwise specifically and knowingly disclose during the use of the site, may be directly collected and used by third parties. As a result of disclosing such information, you may be subject to unsolicited email. You should have no expectation of privacy with respect to your communications through the forums or your profile should you choose to list this information.

800 Recovery Hub, LLC. may share all or part of the information we gather with select companies and organizations so that they may use it for their own marketing and promotional uses. While we seek to share personally-identifying information with companies that follow appropriate privacy policies, it does not bear any responsibility for the actions and policies of such third parties. If you prefer that we not share your information with third parties, you may “opt out” by contacting us with that request.

Website Security Policy

800 Recovery Hub, LLC. Uses its best efforts to provide a secure transmission method for you to send us personal information, including identifiers such as social security numbers.

Such secure transmission methods provide reasonable protections against unauthorized access. Should you have concerns regarding the transmission of sensitive information such as contact or medical information, you should call our office directly.

All of the employees and data processors who have access to, and are associated with, the processing of personal information are obliged to respect the confidentiality of our visitors’ personal information.

We have also implemented security policies, rules, and reasonable technical measures to protect the personal data under our control from improper use or disclosure and unauthorized access or distribution.

Email Policies

800 Recovery Hub LLC. will use reasonable means to protect the privacy of the information you provide us by email or any other method. However, because of the risks outlined below, 800 Recovery Hub, LLC. cannot guarantee that email communications will be confidential. Additionally, 800 Recovery Hub, LLC. will not be liable in the event that you or anyone else inappropriately uses your email. 800 Recovery Hub, LLC. will not be liable for improper disclosure of your information that is not caused by 800 Recovery Hub, LLC. intentional misconduct.

Email risks and your responsibilities—At the discretion of 800 Recovery Hub, LLC., its staff, third parties and agents, and upon your agreement to the terms outlined within this Privacy Policy, you may use email to communicate with 800 Recovery Hub, LLC.. These emails may contain your personal health information. If you decide to use email to communicate with 800 Recovery Hub, LLC. , you should be aware of the following risks and or your responsibilities.

As the Internet is not secure or private, unauthorized people may be able to intercept, read, and possibly modify emails that you send or that are sent by 800 Recovery Hub, LLC.

As your employer may claim ownership of or the right of access to your work-related email account, you should avoid using an employer-issued email account to communicate with 800 Recovery Hub, LLC.

Conditions for the use of email—By consenting to the use of email when communicating with, you 800 Recovery Hub, LLC. agree that:
800 Recovery Hub, LLC. may forward emails, as appropriate, for treatment purposes and other related reasons. staff members, other than the recipient, may have access to emails that you send. Such access will involve only those persons who have a right to access your emails to provide services to you. 800 Recovery Hub, LLC. will not otherwise forward emails to independent third parties without your prior written consent, except as authorized or required by law. 800 Recovery Hub, LLC. reserves the right to save your emails and include them or the information contained within them in your record.

800 Recovery Hub, LLC. does not collect or use personal data for other purposes other than email marketing or the additional uses specified on the Web pages where the information is requested or collected.


The images contained within the site are purchased, and any individuals within these images are models and do not have any association with any addiction or condition.

Privacy Policy Changes

800 Recovery Hub, LLC. may change the terms of this Privacy Policy at its sole discretion at any time . Should a change cause a reduction in your rights under the Privacy Policy, we will contact you in advance and obtain your consent. All other changes will be posted on this page without advance notice, and the date of the most recent update will be indicated.