Call and Chat Services for Drug Rehab Centers

Why Rehabs Need Our Call and Chat Service

We don’t need to outsource our admission call and chats; we have 5 or more employees that we rotate intake calls and chats to 24/7. 

Every time I hear someone say that — I know they’re letting a ton of money fall through the cracks. That’s because most likely half of the callers to your treatment hang up on the second or third ring.

Your callers need to be called back instantly. When a facility is rotating calls to non-dedicated closers, those hang-up callers are not called back in time and end up at your competitors. Chats enable you to better allocate your resources.

Chats can take up to 30 minutes. Sometimes they are a total waste of time. Other times they are one of the best forms of leads. When an undedicated or busy staffer is in the rotation for chats they tend to not respond. What they do instead is hope that someone else on the team will get the chat. When this happens the chat usually goes unanswered and the lead is lost for good.

When you lose a person on your chat platform, many times you don’t have a way to reconnect with the person. That’s because you don’t have their incoming caller id. Sure you can provide a pre-call survey, but we find that often that information is inaccurate. 

What is a lead worth for your drug and alcohol treatment center 

Definition: CCC is a Call, Chat Closer. What we call the three C’s

Every time a CCC answers the phone or responds to a chat we have to think of three things immediately

  1.  First, this can be a life and death situation I have a person’s life in my hands.
  2. Second, this call cost my company $1,000 to create.
  3. Third, this could be $50,000 to $75,000 worth of revenue for my company. 

This is not a job you can do part-time or when you’re preoccupied. This is a day and night job. This is not a process to be taken lightly. This is why you must have a call and a chat service for your drug rehab.

For Drug Rehab Centers – Time is of the Essence

If a lead comes from the internet you can be 100% sure they are or will be contacting many other competitors.

You must take control, gather information, give information and build a relationship from the first call. Whether it’s a call, email, form, or chat they must be given top priority. 

Drug Treatment Centers Need to Make Important Assumptions

When the phone rings, assume this is the third phone call your client has made. The first two treatment centers they contacted didn’t answer. They left a message. Assume if the phone beeps while you are talking with them it’s a competitor calling back. Your competitor is aggressively trying to get them into their facility.

Assure your potential client that they shouldn’t take any other calls. Let them know that “you’ve got their back”. One of the ways to assure them is by getting them to either text their insurance card (eliminates transposed numbers) or you enter it into an online VOB system. 

VOB Verification of Benefits and Insurance knowledge:

You must be able to run an online VOB while the caller is on the line (on the first call) if they have their insurance card. An online VOB is about 80% accurate. It gives you enough info to ask the right questions. It will give you information like deductible, out of pocket max, out of network benefits and co-pay percentage. 

CCC needs to understand the financial ramifications of the above to engage the client and keep them from contacting another center. If the CCC understands the entire process and their financial wiggle room they will retain the customer while the intake department calls the insurance company for a formal VOB. 

What if the caller doesn’t have their card?

When a person doesn’t have their insurance card handy finding out where they got their insurance. It crucial you do this without insulting them. You will hear things like  I got my insurance from an employer, a spouse’s employer, or parent — right off the bat you have got a higher quality lead. The next thing to find out is the insurer’s name, and if the policy a PPO or HMO. 

Drug Treatment Center Calls and Building Trust

Nothing builds trust like sharing a personal recovery story in common with the caller. Most callers are calling for a loved one. They want to hear that you have put a significant other, child or sibling into treatment and it worked. You need a personal story for every situation. Build trust and report. 

A dog with a Bone: 

Treatment is not a one call close it is far from it. Getting a client into treatment especially from out of state takes 10-25 outgoing calls and 5 to 50 texts. You must stay constantly engaged with the client and their family as there are 14,000 other treatment centers clamoring for your client. 

Not a 9 to 5 job: 

50% of clients will be lost if the CCC is not immediately available day and night 7 days a week. CCC must be available 16 hours a day 7 days a week to make and receive calls and texts. Whether it is a potential client stalling, going on a run, getting sick, changing their mind, codependent family members backing down, no id for the plane flight, missing connecting flights, need lawyer letter, the list of things that go wrong goes on and on.  

Call Chat Services Drug Rehab
With our live web chat service, your treatment center tends to addiction rehab admits from the moment clients connect to your site.

Hours and work ethic: 

Some inquiries come from Monday to Friday from 9 A.M to 5 P.M. but most inquiries regarding treatment typically come in on the weekends and Monday through Friday between 5 PM and 11 PM at night. You must be available 16 hours a day, 7 days a week to make and receive calls, texts, and chats. 

Always “On-Call” like a Surgeon: 

Being a CCC is a lifestyle as crucial as a brain surgeon. It is life and death in some cases. You can go hours or a day or two without a call or text and all of a sudden in the middle of dinner with your family, weekend activities with a date, driving down the road or watching a sporting event that call or text comes in and your help is needed right now. This is not the exception to the rule it is commonplace. Like a surgeon that gets called into the hospital the treatment admin and their families have to be willing to stop what they are doing and respond on the call. 

Right now I am on an airplane with my family on the way to a wedding. I have been writing this and other documents while using the airline’s internet for texting emails. I have sent and received about 30 texts in the last two hours with two clients and several treatment centers. Both clients I got approved for the treatment and arranged for their assessment call. 

Working your drug treatment center database

A separate phone number and system should be set up for the phone number on the website and all marketing pieces. Some cases you need multiple phones with different area codes to call from to chase addicts down. 

Lead Source All leads are Created Unequally: 

When a call or chat comes into a CCC needs to be able to identify what the source of that call was at that second. Was it an SEO web call, PPC Web Call, YouTube, Radio or TV? Knowing the source will tell you what the sense of urgency is and second it helps you track the results that matter the admission conversion rate. This is the only way to effectively monitor advertising.

Every Caller Leaves Happy;

If your facility cannot accept a caller for treatment every caller needs to leave the phone with other options. Whether it is SAMSHA, Salvation Army, AA, NA, Celebrate Recovery, Al-anon everyone leaves happy. It’s the right thing to do and good business. Addiction is a family disease and just because the current client cannot be admitted 1 out of 100 callers may refer a person that you can help in the future that could be $50,000 in revenue to your center. So every caller we can’t help needs to be treated like you are putting $50,000 in the bank. 

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