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As of today, I’m thrilled to say that my sister is now 59 days clean!  As a practicing psychologist who became a homeless meth addict for three years, my sister was an extremely difficult case.  A huge part of her success in getting clean is due to Bruce and Victoria, and the invaluable assistance they have provided.  We could not have done this without their help.

By pure chance, I found Bruce and Victoria on the Internet about four months ago and contacted them immediately.  Victoria was so kind and understanding, and non-judgmental.  She was the first person to give me any hope that my sister could recover, and that we could finally get her into a good treatment program if she had insurance.

Then Bruce helped me navigate the incredibly complex and frustrating insurance industry over several months.  Once we finally had my sister enrolled, he worked tirelessly to try to find a rehab facility that would take her for 60-90 days minimum.  Most facilities would only guarantee 5-10 days, with anything beyond that uncertain, and many wouldn’t accept her at all.

Bruce didn’t give up.  After speaking with dozens of different treatment centers in my sister’s state, he finally contacted an out of state facility that had provided great results for other clients.  This facility was willing to guarantee at least 90 days of treatment, with possibly another 90 days of outpatient care, and would provide a scholarship for the out-of-pocket expenses!  So all we would have to pay for was the insurance premiums.  This was huge since our family didn’t have much money to spare.

After much nail-biting, we managed to get my sister onto a plane to rehab a few days later, and she has been there ever since.  Given that she was extremely paranoid due to the meth addiction, just the fact that she was able to trust her new caretakers was a huge relief and game changer.

The facility is excellent, the staff and manager are very caring and compassionate (yet firm), and my sister is finally showing signs of her true personality.  She’s optimistic about the future, making plans for returning to work, and committed to her sobriety.  She just had a birthday, and she said the best gift she got was waking up sober, which is all she wanted this year.

Bruce and Victoria have literally been lifesavers.  I have no doubt that my sister would not have survived if it weren’t for their help, guidance, and compassion.



I wanted to thank you for your help. C. likes the place and I am so relieved for her to FINALLY get the help she’s desperately needed! I couldn’t have done it without your help 🙂


Fist off I would like to say sorry it took me so long to send this THANK YOU. My husband and I are getting back to the normally of life. Thank you so much for the help you gave me within a week and one day from the first phone call I placed to Mr. W.

Thanks for Recovery
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My son was in a facility getting the help he needed for so long. Thanks to Mr. W. and Bruce, I don’t know where my son or ourselves would be if did not have you in our corner.

Our son has been at the facility since June 24, 2015. He is working the program and loving where he is at. We just went to see him and it was amazing I could actually look into my son’s eyes for the first time in years. He looks amazing but more important than that,  he feels amazing he is a human being again and is living his life being the son we raised and the man I knew he was. So thanks to you so much for your time and all your effort. We will always be forever grateful.

Signed C.P.

Hey Bruce,
Mr. C. here. Sorry, it’s taken me so long to get this out to you. Been super busy! In a good way of course. I’m sober, back at work (and killing it) attending meetings and remaining cautious about every decision I make. Taking things relatively slow, just work and maintaining the house, taking the dog for a walk and stuff like that. I’ve found it’s easier if you stay busy and active, but only with simple things, not complicated things or situations just easy going. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me. Let me know if I can ever be of service. Thanks again Bruce.


Thank you!!  I now have over 4 years clean and sober. Mike B .Mississippi

Hi Bruce!
Eric has been sober for over a year thanks to the help you provided us. Hope you are doing well. California

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