Luxury Rehab

Is a Luxury Rehab a good fit for me?

Luxury Rehab as the name implies, is a high-end program that used to cater to the most affluent person. That is not always the case now. Many times, we get participants into high-end facilities, that typically would not be able to afford it. We do this with a combination of the right type of insurance and existing relationships.

Holistic Healing and Nutritional Balance are becoming more mainstream at treatment facilities

Luxury and high-end rehab facilities focus on your comfort and privacy. Typically, the accommodations with be relaxing with a spa-like quality. The goal is to help participants feel comfortable and pampered at the same time they are recovering from addiction.  At a facility like this, you might find a gourmet chef preparing nutritious and detoxifying fresh foods. It would not be uncommon for the patients to be offered soothing massages and facial treatments.

These facilities are oftentimes referred to as private addiction rehab centers. However, they are becoming more mainstream. Many insurance companies will cover the cost of this kind of addiction treatment.

Who Stays at Luxury Rehab Center?

Pretty much all kinds of people. However, many clients want to maintain a low profile while at the same time receiving more personalized attention. If you are a high-profile person, that requires privacy, this is the best fit for you. If you are a spouse and have a partner who is suffering from addiction, this is a good choice. In our experience, it’s much easier to talk someone into staying in a luxurious and remote location, than at a location close to home.

Similarly, this is an option we use for all kinds of reluctant participants. Often, we get phone calls from parents who have good insurance and a young adult who is not 100% ready to get sober. When we offer a stay high-end end rehab, it’s easier to get a commitment from the participant

As we mentioned, luxury recovery centers are not specifically tailored for people with high profiles; these programs are created to help people recover from addiction in a comfortable setting.

Many insurance policies will cover drug treatment at a luxury rehab facility.

Luxury rehab is now more of a place where you can go to deal with substance abuse, mental health or other problems and have all of the comforts of home.  Rehabs, in general, are not “lock-down” facilities.  The programs are specifically customized to fit the exact needs and want of the client.

What Can I expect at a Luxury Location?

The environment is essential to the recovery process and having a beautiful location and wonderful services and amenities sets luxury rehab apart from other types of treatment.  The amount of staff per clients is much higher. Around-the-clock quality care is almost certainly guaranteed.  Participants meet with their individual therapist on a daily basis. They can participate in upscale activities such as hiking, swimming, various types of lessons, massage, and fitness.

The primary goal in choosing a luxury drug rehab or luxury alcohol rehab is to make sure that your individual needs will be met. This is accomplished by staff and trained professionals, who offer expert care. The facility should be one with a good reputation and quality reviews. Keep this in mind, regardless of the price.

When asking about a luxury rehab center, the first questions to ask are:

Where is the facility located?

Is your priority to stay in a quiet country setting, in a beautiful mountainous region, or right on a peaceful beach. The area should reflect your mood and preference and offer you the peace and comfort you need.

What amenities do they offer?

There are many centers that offer private baths and rooms, a variety of menu options – vegetarian, organic, ethnic – and computer/Internet access. They also give an individual, personal care.

What happens in rehab does not stay in rehab. You will learn skills for a lifetime.

What kinds of activities do they provide at the luxury facility?

Exercise and outdoor activities keep the mind and body occupied. Opportunities like horseback riding and swimming are integrated into addiction programs to help distract patients from becoming depressed or experiencing other addiction symptoms. To find a center that provides more options, call us.

How is Executive Rehab Different than Luxury Rehab?

This kind of rehab is very similar to a luxury program. The goal is to help an executive get sober while maintaining their career.

This is a great option for some. That is because just because a person hasn’t hit rock bottom, doesn’t mean they are not ready to get sober. Sometimes, someone is still functioning at their job, but the rest of their life is out of control. Individuals in high-power positions succumb to addiction. In some cases, they may be able to function at their job, without affecting their performance.

There are some specialized programs created for executives who are currently suffering from alcohol or drug addiction but can’t take too much time off from work.  That can make it difficult it is to take that first step toward sobriety. This is true especially when the success of their group or company rides on their job performance. There are some supervised executive detox programs we can recommend as part of a larger treatment program for working people.

Executive versus Outpatient

It can get a bit confusing because sometimes a drug treatment center will take their existing Outpatient Program (sometimes called IOP which stands for Intensive Outpatient Program) and call it a special “executive track”.

You need to ask questions to make sure you are receiving the kind of care you need. It would unfortunate to sign up with the expectation that you will be in a group of your peers, only to find a different demographic.

When you call a treatment center, they will always tell you that they are a perfect fit. That is why we offer our service. We can give you our candid opinion.

It’s difficult to make a change before you’ve lost everything.

Remember just because someone can perform at work, doesn’t mean they can’t develop problems with alcohol or drugs. Alcohol Abuse in the United States is more common than you think. Not to mention that drug addiction is gaining popularity among all ages. There is no longer the stigma, that people suffering from addiction are bad people.

Admitting you have a problem is the hardest part.

When a person has made the decision to get help with a drug or alcohol abuse any Treatment Program would likely be a good choice. Trying to do it yourself will lead to a bad outcome.

Patients have extensive access to world-class options, therapy, and their families while receiving treatment. Do not worry that rehab has to take you completely away from responsibilities. Even super hero’s needs help every now and then.

Keep your life and freedom. Call us and get help.




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