Can People in Recovery Use CBD?

Dispelling the Myths About CBD Oil CBD oil is a new buzzword in wellness, and people are using it for everything from anxiety to insomnia and pain relief. But it’s related to marijuana, and people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction may be wary of trying this herbal wellness product. The fact is, CBD, while … Read more


Five Creative ways to Quit Drinking Alcohol

Is It Simple To Quit Drinking? It’s not so simple to quit drinking. It’s a problem for some and if you’re one of those problems drinkers, it will be a lifetime struggle.  If you’re wondering how to quit alcohol addiction, it’s essential to know that there are multiple ways to achieve sobriety. While a person’s … Read more


What are the effects of exercise on recovery and rehab?

For any individual undergoing recovery or rehab, early gains are the most important thing. Early improvements in mood sleep patterns and stress management can help the person gain confidence in the rehab process and their own ability to complete the process successfully to overcome their addiction. In addition to the regular medical aspects of the … Read more

sleeping drug addiction

Understanding the link between addiction and sleep

What’s the connection between substance abuse and a good nights rest? Addiction spreads its effects to all aspects of life, and sleep is no exception. However, the relationship between the two, addiction and sleep, can be complicated. Sometimes addiction-related sleep issues last months or even years. However, sleep can be influenced by behaviors, which means … Read more

suffering addiction is lonely

How to Know That Someone Is Suffering from Addiction?

Addiction is very complicated Humans are designed as a moderate life form. They are easily hooked on activities or substances that they sub-consciously think is helping them but in fact, it will be damaging their physical and mental health. This addiction on anything is harmful and can lead to dire consequences and the worst of … Read more

successful rehab up to you

Rehab Success Rates: Does Rehab Really Work?

Everyone Wants to Know if Rehab Works In the United States, 1 in every 7 people will be faced with an addiction of some kind. If that is not frightening enough, the Surgeon General of the United States says, less than 10% of people who have fallen prey to addiction will seek treatment. We can … Read more

what is the cost of drug rehab

The real cost of using your insurance to pay for drug rehab

Will I Get A Large Bill When Rehab Ends? In other words, what does drug rehab cost? Or more specifically, what is my cost, going to be? When I started looking for a treatment center for my drug-addicted son, who was, I saw some enticing ads. Some of them offered up promises like “up to … Read more

Addition Treatment Centers and Local Marketing

Addition Treatment Centers and Local Marketing

Make some simple fixes and drive traffic to your Drug Treatment Facility Are you a drug rehab looking for additional traffic to your site? It’s an overly obvious rhetorical question. Everyone in the treatment center industry knows how recent changes and new laws have made it tough to attract attention to your site. The real … Read more