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Find a Treatment Center Near Me

How to Search the web for a drug or alcohol treatment center near me or you “Find a treatment center near me” is one of the most searched terms on the internet. Unfortunately be careful what you search for. Just because you searched using the search term “find a drug or alcohol treatment center near […]

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my life in active rehab

What My Life Looks Like In Active Addiction

Utterly defeated by my addiction to alcohol, I surrendered and admitted myself into detox. My journey in recovery all started at a treatment center where I was assigned an amazing therapist. Based on our initial therapy session he developed an individualized treatment plan. He listed out my objectives, which involved numerous writing assignments and participation […]

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Drug Addiction Privacy

Drug Addiction Treatment and your Privacy

Drug Addiction Privacy When you seek treatment for addiction, alcoholism or mental illness, can your personal information be shared without your knowledge? The answer is yes! Drug addiction privacy is actually a “thing”. Learn how to ensure that your rights are being protected. HIPPA Overview The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a law […]

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Drug Rehab

Your loved One is Going to Rehab

What to expect….. When your loved one is going to Rehab The first thing to remember is that Drug Addiction (or Alcoholism) is a complex illness. It’s characterized by intense and uncontrollable drug cravings. These cravings cause irrational, compulsive drug seeking behaviors. So, it only makes sense that going to rehab, is not going to be […]

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Is Alcoholism and Addiction a disability?

The ADA is the American’s with Disabilities Act. There are protections for people who have disabilities. So, a common question is “since Alcoholism and Addiction are considered a disease, is it also a disability. How the Americans with Disabilities Act Can Protect You from Termination Drug and alcohol abuse and dependence are classified as treatable […]

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Heroin questions and answers

Do you have a burning question about heroin?

Heroin questions? There is so much confusion on the subject of Heroin Addiction In my opinion, most of the people who are addicted to heroin started out taking some kind of pain medication. These medications are classified as opiates or opioids. You might be familiar with the following examples: morphine methadone Buprenorphine hydrocodone oxycodone Opioid […]

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