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what is the cost of drug rehab

The real cost of using your insurance to pay for drug rehab

After rehab is finished … am I going to get a big bill? In other words, what does drug rehab cost? Or more specifically, what is my cost, going to be? After looking for a treatment center for my son, who was suffering from drug addiction, I was presented with enticing ads. Some of the … Read more

Addition Treatment Centers and Local Marketing

Addition Treatment Centers and Local Marketing

Make some simple fixes and drive traffic to your Drug Treatment Facility Are you a drug rehab looking for additional traffic to your site? It’s an overly obvious rhetorical question. Everyone in the treatment center industry knows how recent changes and new laws have made it tough to attract attention to your site. The real … Read more


10 smart and candid answers to addiction questions

Addiction Questions and Answers Drug and alcohol abuse are chronic diseases that rip through families. Addiction takes down everything in its path. Once in a while, I will talk to someone, who insists that their substance abuse is not hurting anyone. This is because they isolate while under the influence. This is a myth. At the … Read more