Drug Rehab Call Center Consulting Service Review 

When a drug and alcohol treatment center reaches out to us for a Drug Rehab Call Center Consulting Service Review, it’s typically because their census is low.  However, many drug and alcohol rehabs contact us when their census is 80% or better. Why contact a drug rehab call center consulting company when the census is good? That’s simple: how much is one additional admission to your treatment center worth? How much is an increase of 10%-25% in additional admissions worth to your substance abuse treatment center? We know it’s a considerable amount of money. That is why we thoroughly review your drug rehab call center.

Once we finish our review of a drug rehab call center, the owners are shocked at everything we can uncover. Typically, our clients assume it’s their call center reps who aren’t able to close more demanding clients, and they need some quick additional sales training. Very rarely is it just additional sales training.

Don’t misunderstand me; we offer drug rehab call center sales training. However, there is much more to running an effective substance abuse admissions department than just good salespeople. Technology is also crucial. You must have excellent integration between your telephone platform and CRM. When we review a client’s drug treatment call center, listening to calls is just a portion of our review. Then, of course, is the admission process. Typically, a change or two to the admission process significantly increases the number of admits

Systems Integration, Lead Sources, Scripting, Verification of Benefits, and Admission Processes are part of every Call Center Review.

We cross reference the calls we listen to with how they were entered into your CRM. Is the information accurate? Are they leaving essential things out of their notes? Was the follow-up timely and rigorous? Are leads falling through the cracks? Are they distributing the calls correctly in your CRM? Is their sales pipeline a pipeline or a bunch of smoke and mirrors?

We will need access to your Call Management System and CRM. Before starting our review, we will review your and competitors’ websites and submit a list of questions. After all, we need to understand what your treatment center offers and how your call center reps should be offering your services. We will want to review the resumes and compensation plans of your call center reps and managers. It’s incredible how compensation and bonus plans can drive excellent or harmful results.

call center representative

After looking through your materials, we will focus on listening to previous calls from each of your reps. We will look for each rep’s strengths and weaknesses. Do they struggle with specific objections and excel at overcoming others? Some agents spend too much time with unqualified clients, while others don’t spend enough. Are they finding ways to turn an underinsured prospect into a cash-paying client? 

For Drug Treatment Centers there's more to listening to a call than just listening. Here are a few of the things we listen for:

Review Calls:

  1. Are they following your approved scripts?
  2. Do you know if there is follow-up in a timely and often?
  3. Can they overcome objections?
  4. Do they know your competitors and how to sell against them?
  5. Look for the strengths and weaknesses of each CSR.
  6. Are they following procedures, and is there a way to streamline them?
  7. Are they upselling and cross-selling?
  8. Are they reading your FAQs to a caller, or do they know them committed to memory?
  9. Do they take control of the conversation or let the caller control the call?
  10. What differentiators are they selling?
  11. Do they know how to get insurance information without insulting the client?
  12. How are hang-ups handled?
  13. Can they get over travel objections?
  14. Is there a save-the-sale procedure? Do they use it when needed?
  15. Are they the first or last to pick up a call?
  16. Do they look at the Call Tracking Management system for information on the source of the lead and use that info on the call?
  17. Work ethic. Do they put the work in, turn over calls too fast, or spend too much time with unqualified calls?

Our previous clients range from small California 6-person substance abuse treatment centers to national treatment centers that handle over 1,000 admissions a month.

No job is too big, and no job is too small. Rest assured that we not only understand how valuable additional clients are to your center, but we also value the person who needs lifesaving help. The two founders of 800 Recovery Hub have over 50 years of recovery and have put several family members in various treatment programs. We understand the addict, the parent, the sibling, and the spouse or significant other’s life situation. This is one of the things that makes us so good at our jobs. When you combine that with decades of sales and call center management experience

Our initial consultations with prospective substance abuse treatment centers looking for call center consulting services are always complimentary.  We customize proposals for each new client based on their specific needs and timelines. Treatment center owners are usually presently surprised by the amount of free advice we give them during our initial talks. Give us a call, and let’s see if we are a good fit.