Sample Chat Success Stories

If you are a drug treatment center, you should have a live chat option on your website.

Here are a few examples of why. 

Sober Home Chat:

The 18-year-old male began a chat and stated he was using meth after garnering information on the chat like name, phone, location, insurance, substances abused, and when he wanted to go to a treatment center. I asked to set up a pre-assessment call. He indicated he was in a sober living and could not talk on the phone because if anyone overheard him that he was using, he would be kicked out of his sober living home. Had Online Rehab Chat not been used, he would have gone to the next center he found online. That chat garnered a 90-day intake for the treatment center that hired us.


A young lady began a chat and typed very slowly. Our chat software shows in real time every keystroke a person makes in real-time, even if they don’t hit Submit or Enter. It was a mobile device chat, not a laptop or desktop, and mobile chats can go really slow as it takes much longer to use a mobile keyboard than an actual keyboard.  About fifteen minutes into the chat, I asked if I could call her on the phone. Her answer was no. She had a smartphone but hadn’t paid her bill, so she was using the free wifi at Starbucks. I finished garnering all the information, and they gave her our toll-free number and set up an assessment call time. Had Online Rehab Chat not been used, he would have gone to the next center he found online. This chat garnered a 75-day intake for the treatment center that hired us for their chats.

The Researcher:

A woman in her late 50s began a chat around 9 P.M. and had many questions. My strategy for information seekers is to answer and then ask a question. After obtaining all the information I needed to verify this was a qualified lead, I asked if I could have my supervisor call her. I stated she was asking questions I felt better answered by someone else. This is a typical chat closing technique to get off the chat and to a call. She was open to a call, but not until tomorrow when her husband was at work. She was using the chat feature because her husband was in the next room and she was waiting until she had found a rehab to tell him she was going to go to treatment. He was a heavy drinker herself, and she wanted everything all set before he would try and stop her. Had Online Rehab Chat not been used he would have gone to the next center he found online. She ended up staying in treatment for 45 days. While she was in treatment, her husband made arrangements to go into treatment himself.

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