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800 Recovery Hub (the HUB) was founded by husband and wife Bruce and Victoria Berman. In addition to having tremendously successful careers in marketing and call center operations, the Berman’s are no strangers to addiction recovery. Bruce and Victoria have over 25 years each of continuous recovery. Together, they have four children, three of whom they have placed in various treatment programs in several states. Their first-hand experience finding the best treatment available for their children and how addiction affects the addicted and their family members provide key insights they bring to the table.

The Hub’s sole focus is the substance abuse treatment center field. For rehabs, we create leads for substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment. We are experts at client acquisition and retention. The Hub also provides call and chat center services for treatment centers.  The Hub has worked with treatment centers across the United States and thousands of people seeking treatment for themselves or a loved one. The Hub staff knows how to get a person into substance abuse treatment and, more importantly, how to get them to stay and complete treatment.

leads for drug rehab
We want to help you. As you know, drug rehab marketing is a labor-intensive process. You need people who have specific areas of expertise. Many drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers have a poor drug rehab marketing strategy or no strategy at all
Bruce Berman
Bruce Berman is a recognized expert in substance abuse treatment, substance abuse marketing, and substance abuse call center management. With his 33 years of experience in substance abuse recovery, his knowledge regarding how the treatment process works cannot be overstated. Bruce spent from 1990 to 2012 in Southern California in the recovery community. The treatment industry developed from humble beginnings to over 500 treatment centers. 

Bruce Berman is a former Assistant Vice President of Admissions for American Addiction Centers “AAC” in their Nashville, Tennessee, call center. AAC is a nationwide dual diagnosis treatment center with over 1,000 beds. Since 2014 his call center focus has been solely on the substance abuse treatment industry, where he also built and operated call centers in Nevada and Texas. Bruce has provided treatment call center services and consulting for centers with as little as ten beds and those over 1,000.

The substance abuse treatment industry is not where Bruce started his call center experience. He has built call centers in many industries from the ground up, both in the United States and India. The industries he has built centers for include financial products, products sold on infomercials, prepaid debit cards, and prepaid cell phones. The experience he garnered, setting up and managing the technology infrastructure for account security and privacy for prepaid debit cards and cell phones, prepared Bruce to implement HIPPA compliancy into treatment call centers.

Bruce Berman has over 20 years of Direct Response Marketing “DRM” experience.  DRM includes internet, radio, TV, and print marketing products.  Bruce is considered a pioneer of “direct to web only” marketing. He is also an early pioneer in using numbers in web URLs on those mediums. He has been laser-focused on substance abuse treatment marketing for the last ten years. His marketing knowledge enables smaller 10-100 bed treatment centers to compete against larger nationwide treatment centers with a reasonable budget.  Bruce Berman

Bruce Berman has assisted thousands of people seeking treatment for alcohol, substance abuse, and dual diagnosis. He has maintained continuous recovery from various addictions since September 1989. Besides himself, he has placed his children, employees, family members, friends, and other loved ones into various treatment programs. Whether you are struggling with addiction or a loved one is, most likely, Bruce has dealt with a similar situation. Bruce is a father of four children and happily married to his wife, Victoria, who has also been in recovery since November 1995.

Victoria Berman

Victoria Berman has worked exclusively as an online substance abuse treatment center expert for the last 10 years. Victoria is one of only 308 Google Certified Partners in the United States. We believe she is the only Google-certified partner that works exclusively for substance abuse treatment centers. She is also certified in Bing Ads and Digital Analytics.

Victoria puts her skills to work in online marketing for treatment centers. Starting with Website Analytics, she finds ways to improve quality traffic to her client’s websites. Her skill set also includes creating Landing Pages, SEO, HTML, WordPress, Social Media, and more. Best skill – finding leads for drug rehabs and saving her clients money simultaneously. Yes, treatment centers hire Victoria to save money while they increase their census.Victoria Berman

There are many reasons Victoria is so good at her job. First, she never stops training and learning what is new. Many people in technology understand what they need to know to get a job and do not keep current. Not Victoria; she is constantly attending webinars, taking advanced training courses, and improving her skill set.

Victoria has taken thousands of calls and chats from people seeking treatment, giving her better insight into the minds of people seeking treatment and what they are looking for. Victoria stays current by monitoring chat for her clients and talking to people seeking treatment regularly.

The only downfall of Victoria is she only accepts a few clients at any time. Her goal is to build up a treatment center’s online marketing program and, within 3-6 months, turn the “keys to the kingdom” over to the facility. Once she builds and perfects a specific facility’s online marketing program she will train a treatment center’s staff to run it. Victoria will manage the project for those centers that don’t have qualified staff. The centers she takes on as clients save money since they don’t have the overhead of hiring a marketing team.

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