Google Ads with LegitScript

Addiction Treatment Certification and Google Ads

Whether you have gone through the LegitScript process, are now going through the LegitScript process, or are considering going through the LegitScript process, you must understand advertising on Google has changed sustainably post LegitScript.

What worked before on Google may not work now or may not be allowed now. Keep in mind the whole concept behind making LegitScript a requirement to advertise for substance abuse on Google is to eliminate some prior methods of advertising that Google believes were unethical or dishonest.

Why you should advertise on Google

Now that this new certification policy is in full effect, the ads’ price has decreased. This is because many companies are banned from Google or don’t want to undergo the certification process. Other companies can’t pass strict guidelines. It’s not cheap or easy to get LegitScript authorized.

Google Ads are a great marketing tool for treatment centers. You can advertise locally or across the states. You can attract the type of patients best served by your unique value. Finally, you can start with a small budget and only pay for results.

Why you should trust us with your Google Ads

We only do Google Ads for treatment centers. You need help finding a company with such a narrow focus. We like it this way because we know what we are doing, and it produces impressive results.

google ads and legit script
Google Ads with LegitScript can be costly. LegitScript charges a fee for processing and monitoring applicants.

We treat your money like it’s our own. By paying for ads only when someone clicks on the link, we ensure your budget is targeted to the right people. Creating a keyword list, many ads, and setting a budget can be overwhelming. When you work with us, we give you individual attention to get you started.

PPC is quick but takes time for volume

Instant gratification is incredible, and I get a thrill by turning on ads and watching people visit the landing page. However, restraint is needed. Building up the campaigns slowly is the best way to go. Most treatment centers want to fill beds quickly, but the process can take months.

We’re saying this because many companies like to spend quickly to get fast results. That works fine with a $ 100,000-a-month budget, but our clients appreciate when their modest budget is money well spent.

Unique Marketing Requirements for Drug Rehab

We know the specific rules and policies for advertising in the drug rehab market. Most PPC companies don’t understand the importance of strict regulations. Rules broken lead to considerable penalties.

For example, because of health privacy laws, drug rehabs aren’t allowed to remarket to previous visitors. It would violate trust to show someone a treatment center advertisement just because they visited your site. However, I see this done all the time.

Trust our PPC Experience

If you want to start a pay-per-click campaign, we can help. We will work on your unique target market and pick keywords that bring in the best patients. This will make your phone ring with leads more likely to fill your census.


Competing with huge companies (some with budgets of over $100,000 per month) isn’t easy. We will create the right landing pages, ads, and keywords to reach more clients. Contact us. We can start setting up your Google Ads right away.

Online Advertising for Drug Treatment Centers

Google Ads with LegitScript allows advertising for drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers with the correct certification. In 2017, Google stopped all ads relating to drug addiction terms. Recently, they opened up advertising again. However, there is a rigorous process to go through first. It starts with certification through the LegitScript process.

LegitScript is a company that provides eligibility for Google Ads. This applies to any website that provides information about alcohol or drug addiction treatment. This includes inpatient treatment as well as online care. Right now, this program is only available in the United States. For more information, you can apply directly to LegitScript.

Whether you have gone through the LegitScript process, are now going through the LegitScript process, or are considering going through the LegitScript process, we can help you. We are getting great results for our client’s advertising on Google and Bing.

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