Drug Rehab Staff Training

Drug Rehab Staff Training

We offer a very unique Drug Treatment Call Center Training Service. When a national treatment provider with over 1,000 beds wanted Call Center Consulting, they turned to 800 Recovery Hub and Bruce Berman. Whether you are a 6-bed facility or the 600-pound gorilla in the treatment industry, 800 Recovery Hub can increase your conversion rates.

Training Services for Call and Chat Staff

Improperly or untrained admission call and chat agents lose 75% of potential intakes to your competitors. When one call can be worth $75,000 to your treatment center, you want the “best of the best” taking your calls or chats. You don’t want someone who has several job duties. You want an employee laser-focused on getting EVERY caller into your substance abuse treatment center.

There are Intense Requirements for Treatment Admissions Calls

Taking calls and chats for treatment center admissions requires intense training, management, and supervision. Just because a person is sober, has a sales background, and has completed a treatment certification, does not qualify them to take live treatment calls and chats. Not just yet!

drug rehab staff training
The top goal of your residential treatment center is to fill your beds with quality patients. This is where most drug rehab centers struggle to maintain a census of top people.

When a potential client can be worth $25,000 to $75,000 in revenue to your treatment center, you want the person taking that call to be able to close that call. To do that takes specific training, management, and supervision.

Individualized Drug Rehab-Focused Training

Our co-founder, Bruce Berman, has given hundreds of seminars on sales training and sold over 1,000,000 sales and marketing CDs. Since 2014, he has exclusively focused on treatment center admissions. He has developed an admission training, management, and supervision program for substance abuse treatment centers.

Our training program is 14 to 90 days, depending on each treatment center’s needs. We analyze each call to extract essential data to increase conversions.  We discuss each incoming call with the person that took the call. This trains them and assists in getting additional clients in the door during training.  Our training pays for itself many times over in increased admissions.

Customized Hand-On Training That Works

Our sales training can include reviewing all systems you have in place and making a recommendation if needed. Things like Call routing, Call Tracking, Chat Software, Advertising methods, VOB service providers, and procedures. We will develop custom scripting, lead tracking, and CSR follow-up procedures.

Feel free to give us a call and see how seriously we take your question.

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