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On Drug Addiction:

“That I have a disease and I’m not suddenly cured after X amount of time clean is the hardest part for me to accept. Took me a couple of relapses and I’m only just realizing it. I hate almost every time I drink or take drugs, yet I still think about it every day, every hour some days. I used to think that calling addiction a disease was bullshit, and I was weak and useless with no self-control, but it’s pretty obvious to me now there’s no

Good health feedback
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Another way to describe it. Glad I’m getting ‘treatment’ and in recovery :)”

On Cross-Addiction:

“Not only did I have cross-addiction, I have dual-diagnosis as well, meaning I live in recovery and have a mental illness. And I can tell you it can be a tough daily challenge.
My addicted gambling disease is what brought out the full symptoms of my bipolar manic depression, panic, PTSD and mild mania to the forefront. I had gone undiagnosed for years and had 2 suicide attempts along with all this mess. But no matter how bad & dark life gets with addictions, we can recover.
You have to do the hard work it takes to attain recovery. I will celebrate 8 years in recovery the end of next month. I look back to the days when I NEVER thought I would ever see the light of day, let alone make 8 yrs!!”

On Self-Harm:

“This made me cry simply because I have self-harmed for my entire life. Most of the time it is an unconscious action. Several times in my life, particularly when I was an addict, it had dire consequences. I got skin and blood infections, I lost the use of my arm for a period of time, I have many many many scars all over my body, and no less than 5 open wounds on my body at most times. I do not cut myself. I did go through a period in my life when I did. But now it seems that my skin just rips open from a simple itch. I pick pimples and bug bites. I am very uncomfortable about it. I have never talked about it with anyone. I am very very very private about it. I have severe scarring all over the top portion of my back. It literally looks like Freddie Kruger dragged his claws down my back, over and over. Long, white, pink, and red scars cover my back, plus a few scratches. I keep my hair long enough to cover my back or I make sure my clothes always cover my back. I get wounds on my chin, and on my arms and legs. Sometimes I don’t even know how I get these cuts. I have been talking about it with my boyfriend lately and I do know that when I am anxious or stressed it manifests itself. I try to “fidget” with something else so I don’t pick. Sometimes I don’t pick but I kind of scratch my head all over. I’ve been annoyed lately because I’m getting acne and I hate it. I’m too old for this shit lol. I don’t know why I ever started doing this but I wish I never had. I can’t remember a time I didn’t though. I hope one day I can stop, but I just don’t know if that’s possible.”

On Blackouts:

“I was up to two-fifths of vodka a day when I quit in 1995. Only in the last six months did I start to black out. People think I’m lying when I talk about this, but believe it or not, I seemed to know when I was in one and would forget once past it. I could see the storm coming and I would start taking notes; I’m not kidding. I’d get up after finally passing out and look at what I’d written. Always a surprise……Crud! I gotta work tonight? Must have spoken with my boss. These episodes were frightening, no doubt. Certifiable behavior? Absolutely. My question is, are there any studies that would indicate once the catalyst of the blackout is removed, the weakness may remain and re-assert itself without it? Is there a chance that as I age my memory will deteriorate faster that it should because of past abuse? Information may help others here as well.”

On Powerless Over Alcohol:

“I’ve experienced addiction issues in my life. Self-medicating is one symptom of PTSD. Pretty soon-if you’re not careful it turns into addiction. When I tripped over a bathroom trash can full of beer bottles, I knew it was time to stop. I’m still far from perfect, but I slip less often and binge drink. While not a topic directly targeted at child abuse, I think this survivor’s story acts as encouragement to those of us who struggle with addiction, trying to silence the voices of the past.”

On Misconceptions of Disorders:

“My son was labeled ADHD and learning disabled in 1995. Since then I, as a parent and professional, am involved in childhood and adult disorders of the like. My general observation is that children with behavior disorders are the canaries of the population. The people that are not acting out, have physical symptoms (allergies, autoimmune, sensitivities, digestion) and many are suffering from both mental and physical reactions. This country cannot address what is affecting our children’s neurology, endocrinology and immunology, but perhaps the global community of those concerned – can and will.”

“You just confirmed it for me. Thank you for putting things so clearly. For several years I have wondered. My grandson displays all of those symptoms. It can also define his three cousins. Does this tend to run in families? Is the cause for ODD environmental?
We have struggled for 11 years with my grandson. He does, at long last, seem to be getting better control of himself as he begins to understand the actions and intent of the rest of us. He can be sweet and adorable, and then there are times when I just do not like him. He’s also ADHD. His parents are separated so he has always lived in two places. It’s very difficult for him. I wish my son would go to therapy with my grandson. I know it would do them both much good.”

On Is an alcoholic in your life making you sick?

“OMG! Where the heck were you and your blog 6 months ago when I was knee-deep in an alcoholic, bipolar, schizophrenic mess of a ‘relationship’?!?! Thank you for shedding light on this bc usually, the focus is on the person with the problems and not those who are trying everything to love and support them. Great stuff here.”

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