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Founded by people in recovery for people in need of recovery. We know there is no single Hospital Program or Treatment Center Group that is the right option for everyone let alone could possibly help the estimated 50 million people suffering from Addictions, Disorders, and Trauma in the U.S.

It’s just not possible one size can’t fit all.

There are many factors that go into deciding which is the best recovery option or treatment facility for you or your loved one.  Things like various addiction specializations, detoxification methods, location, the length of programs, aftercare, in-patient, out-patient, facilities, special needs, co-ed, age, gender, religious beliefs, cost, insurance etc.

That is precisely why we started 800 Recovery Hub to be the connection between you and the thousands of recovery home choices.

Types of Rehab For Drug and Alcohol Problems

Evidence-Based –This type of program offers treatment based on scientific methods.

12-Step Based – The type of program uses the literature from Alcoholics Anonymous.

Faith-Based. – This type of rehab uses spiritual principles as the basis for recovery.

Medicine-Based – These rehab programs treat addiction as a medical condition, similar to treating someone with a heart condition. There are some drugs that deter drug abuse. There are other drugs that are used to manage addiction.

Drug and Alcohol problems Treatment
Before considering a drug treatment center, get some free advice.

Harm-Reduction – This type of program is a bit controversial. These treatment centers believe that drug addicts are able to reduce their use without entirely quitting. An example might be a heroin addict, who can still enjoy a glass or wine or occasional marijuana use.

Other – Some treatment centers don’t fit into any of the categories. These rehabs have their own unique way of treating addiction, that is not available to anyone outside their facility.

Length of stay

Several decades ago, the common stay was 28 days. That is no longer the case. Patients typically stay in an inpatient program 30-90 days.

Some people need longer than that. In general, people need longer than one month to get well. It is very common for the drug addict to want to leave early. They feel better and falsely think that are cured and ready to go back to their normal life.

The problem here is that patients are not forced to stay. The facilitators can make a recommendation, but the participant is allowed to walk out. We often suggest that the drug addict attends a program that is far enough away from home, that this will not be a temptation.

We like to remind people that their emotions run high with addiction. Dealing with feelings is going to be uncomfortable. Listen to the doctors and staff.

Do you have questions about using your insurance to pay for drug treatment? We have a great article written just for you.

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