Texas Treatment

Getting sober in Texas in an amazing choice. The weather, people, and lifestyle make it the perfect place to start a new way of living. There is an old expression in recovery, that goes something like this “you only need to change one thing to get over your addiction; that one thing is everything”.  Well, Texas provides that total change. The open spaces, fresh air, and southern hospitality are most likely quite different than where you partook in your drug abuse.  You might not know that  Texas has 90 mountains reaching altitudes of a mile or more, or that approximately ten percent of Texas is covered in forest. This includes four national and five state forests.

Although famous for vast cattle ranches and oil booms, Texas’ natural wonders inspire you, as your recovery from addiction.  Treatment is medical in nature, but remember it is also about a new way of life. Hiking scenic canyons and dense forests, exploring mysterious caverns or relaxing on undisturbed beaches are just some of the things you can enjoy. You are going to need to replace your old activities with new sober entertainment. Why not explore some western outings?  People have been exploring and admiring these family-friendly and awe-inspiring sites for hundreds and even thousands of years.

Texas Treatment programs vary in length. The minimum stay for recovery should be 30 days. At most Texas rehabs, a three-month stay is common, because it works. That might sound like a big commitment, but addiction recovery is not quick or easy. Also, keep in mind that drug treatment isn’t over when the substance is out of the system. Working on emotional issues is also important for long-term sobriety. A longer treatment program allows addicts take their time, work daily with experts and learn ways to cope with addiction.

The bottom line: the amount of time spent in treatment is always going to come down to the person’s unique lifestyle and needs.