If you're not using Live Rehab Chat you're losing clients!

One-Third of all Treatment Center Clients come from Live Chats. Does this blow your mind? 

If you want to know how to increase admissions without breaking the bank -  we will set up a no-pressure call or just use our chat below.

You're Losing Clients - Here's why

100% of the people that land on your drug rehab website, who wish or need to chat will leave your website without calling you if you don’t have Live Rehab Chat. 90% of your website visitors will leave your website if their chat request is not responded to in 15 seconds and the remaining 10% will leave within 45 seconds if not responded to. In order to respond to a chat that quickly you must have dedicated live rehab chat agents with no other job responsibilities. 

These Opportunities are the low hanging fruit of the drug treatment industry. 

One-third of Drug Treatment Center Clients come from Live Chat ... because ...

Many addicts and alcoholics are paranoid and might even be scared of speaking.

Lot's of addicts and alcoholics don't want to be heard on the phone.

People who are searching for treatment from work whether for themselves or a loved one 

Who Chat's and Why?

If you don't have a live rehab chat, potential clients will click off your site and on to your competitors. Remember you've done most of the work. The hardest part of finding patients to fill your beds is getting them to your website, in the first place.


We do it better:

Whether we are chatting with a person seeking treatment, their parent, spouse, family member, significant other, etc. we are laser focused on our job and not distracted by the stresses of running a treatment facility

  Employees working at a treatment center are constantly dealing with emergencies of one kind or another. They should not be distracted by chats nor should they perform live chat when they are distracted. 

 Why should we use your service? We can do it in-house.


That's the amount of revenue an average chat client generates for a 90 day treatment center. Chat clients are usually using an employer based PPO insurance plan to pay for a treatment and financially able to stay longer in treatment.  

Turnkey, Affordable and Dedicated

As soon as we're hired we'll learn every aspect of your facility


We'll prepare customized scripted responses for your approval 


Our monthly fee is fixed depending on the size of your facility.


Avoid Common Mistakes

Using a bot. This isn’t selling auto parts. If a bot makes a mistake and tells a chat visitor the wrong thing (in writing) it could kill them. You might think you're saving money. But, in the end you might make someone frustrated or resentful.



Most treatment centers give 3-5 employees chat access. In most cases those employees are busy doing their main job and believe the other person will get the chat and the chat goes unanswered. Potential client goes to your competitors. 

We use chat to get users to fill out a form with their name and contact info The potential client believes filling out the form will then give them access to chat agent and when it doesn’t they leave angry and go to your competitors. 


Our experienced Live Rehab Chat agents are carefully monitored and managed. Trained live rehab chat operators with carefully crafted scripts prevent unauthorized interactions over the internet.


If you are not using Live Rehab Chat you are giving one-third of your potential clients to your closest competitor FOR FREE. Never miss a chat. Our staff will always be online and waiting eagerly to chat with your clients. You will get full access to all of the chat sessions. Every conversation will be documented. 

This documentation also creates an easy way for you to follow up with people, create an email list or even develop or expand an FAQ section to your website.