How Can I Tell if Someone Needs Help for Drug Addiction?

Easy to Notice Signs Someone Needs Help For Substance Abuse Issues

Drug addiction has become a huge issue throughout the United States. In 2017 more people passed away from a drug overdose than ever before. Over 64,000 lives were lost, that’s 175 people a day, or one innocent life every 8 minutes; more than the entire Vietnam War.

Countless families have been impacted and millions more will be affected. The heroin epidemic is out of control. The abuse of prescription pills, cocaine, meth, and alcohol continues to happen. The only way to help those struggling is to be there for them when they are ready to get help, but how can you tell when someone needs to go to rehab? Help for drug addiction can come in many forms.

What are the signs of addiction or alcoholism?

There are some telltale signs that will show you that someone is struggling with drugs or alcohol, some are easier to spot than others. Knowing when a teenager needs help can be more difficult when compared to a successful businessman. Signs may vary from person to person, but there are a few that will be noticeable in anyone struggling with abuse or addiction issues.

The decline in one’s physical appearance is easy to spot. When someone starts abusing drugs chances are they will start to care less about how they look and more about where to get the next high.

Food will take a back seat to more of their drug of choice. Extreme sudden weight loss, lack of complexion, unkempt hair/facial hair, dirty clothes, dark circles around their eyes and just an overall disheveled appearance. While the severity of these visual indications may vary from person to person, they may still be easy to notice.

Financial Issues & Lying

A constant lack of funds, even just a day or two after payday is a telltale sign of drug addiction. The inability to hold a job and the constant shuffling between jobs may also be an indicator. If you have noticed money or belongings missing on a regular basis, the persons struggling maybe stealing to support their habit. If you approach them about it you are met with anger, confusion, and denial. They may even help you look for it.

People abusing drugs and alcohol have a difficult time telling the truth. They are often very practiced in the art of manipulation.

Lying becomes a part of all addicts lives. They are forced to lie, manipulate and steal to support their addiction. You may continuously catch them in lies as they struggle to find a way to explain what they did with their time, what happened to their money, why their friends have changed, why their sleep schedule is erratic and why their mood is constantly all over the place.

Finding a Solution

If you have noticed these signs in someone you care about then they may be struggling. As mentioned before, addicts will deny their current situation. The drugs have such a strong hold over them and have altered their brain’s chemistry that they are no longer the person they used to be.

Before approaching someone, purchase a drug test from a local pharmacy and call our toll free line. We will help coach you through this hard time and can provide you with treatment options at no cost.

Picking a Rehab

Choosing the right drug and alcohol treatment center is confusing. How do you start? That is an excellent question to ask because choosing the best drug or alcohol rehab is imperative to overcoming addiction. You can always check out our ultimate guide.






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